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We need to build an Restaurant/Delivery IOS app. App Work Flow : ? RESTAURANT receiving the order on an iPad or AndroidPad 1. reply: your order is ready in 15, 30, 45 or 1 hour (including 25DKK/ 1 km driving time to the address) 2. if delivery add on ETA (estimated time of Arrival to customer, referring to google maps calculation) 3. if delivery go to tender (including delivery app for drivers like UBER) THE APP has 2 entrance CUSTOMER and DRIVER ( delivery like uber) Driver bids in/ accepting the trip/ the order Restaurant accepts the driver/ delivery person Drivers/ delivery personal can add-on their profile and will be paid after how many kilometers they drive 25DKK/1 km 3. send order to a printer, possible to print more than one (one for pizza-chef, one burger-chef etc) After customer receives the order, they can rate from 1 STAR to 5 STARS. ? Ordering Process : 1) Ordering from a menu customer: orders 2 pizza, 1 burger and fries add-ons or off (tomato’s, chili etc each ad on will cost ekstra and each removel will discount) checking out: 1.. pick up yourself or delivery? if delivery, please input address AND calculating 25DKK/ 1 km from maps 2. Payment methods ( Stripe ) Please give me your quote and final price in your bid.

Proposal Submitted


Stoberton Brazil


( 1 Reviews )

Bid Date: Jun 17,2021 'Bid id: 2644
  • Deliverin- 20 Days

  • Amount : $1250


YunLai China


( 3 Reviews )

Bid Date: Jun 20,2021 'Bid id: 2641
  • Deliverin- 25 Days

  • Amount : $2500


Apurva India


( 0 Reviews )

Bid Date: Jul 02,2021 'Bid id: 2685
  • Deliverin- 33 Days

  • Amount : $2200

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