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Please note, if I received an automated spammy reply from you, I will not respond to it. Online Market Place for Buyers and sellers, with an app, included. The seller enters parts per car, model, year, car section (e.g Suspension) etc. The seller enters selling price App automatically adds our app usage fee (e.g. 3% ) then lists parts with price User searches for parts Selects Parts Automated message to the delivery guy, with pick up and drop off points on a google maps integration. If the customer selected a fitment option, the app automatically creates and assigns a job card Payment is made to the seller as soon as the job is marked as completed on the app This will require a great deal of thought, integrations and automation are crucial. Please give me the total project price. I need someone that can guide me, and let me know what code, programming languages will be used etc. Thanks

Proposal Submitted


ram236 India


( 0 Reviews )

Bid Date: Nov 22,2021 'Bid id: 2843
  • Deliverin- 60 Days

  • Amount : $2400


Faustino Portugal


( 1 Reviews )

Bid Date: Nov 23,2021 'Bid id: 2853
  • Deliverin- 50 Days

  • Amount : $2500


sijak Lithuania


( 3 Reviews )

Bid Date: Nov 23,2021 'Bid id: 2857
  • Deliverin- 45 Days

  • Amount : $2200


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